Frequently Asked Questions

How far can you see with the “CAPE-COD” telescope?
You can see the craters on the moon, the moons of Planet Jupiter, and most everything you might want to see on the ground, with ease. Ours is a Terrestrial telescope that is used primarily on land, sea, or sky.

Why is the “CAPE-COD” power different than the one in the department store? They are marked 300x to 1000x.
The telescope in the department store has been designed to be used Celestially (on the stars, moon, etc.) . It has to be used at night, when it is dark and the object itself is the “light source”. A Terrestrial telescope is used more during the daylight hours for watching birds, animals, ships, and people, using reflected light from the sun or electrical lights. At night, you can use as much magnification (or power) as the subject allows. During the day, smoke, smog, dust, fog, and most of all HEAT is amplified through the telescope as well as the object being seen. Most ground-based telescopes are 20x (power) to 30x (power) to allow maximum closeness and brightness without having distortion.

Are your telescopes “real” brass or some other material brass plated?
They are real brass – nothing is plated.

Can I raise or lower the telescope?
Yes. Our telescope has a special “locking collar” on the main rod of the tripod. It can be raised or lowered but it has been set for general height.

What type of optics are used?
The objective lens is a 60mm Highest quality achromat which is fully coated for maximum light grasp. The entire optical system has been matched. Our telescope has a unique erecting system that allows 18th century styling and only found in high quality optical instruments. The eyepiece is also achromatic and is matched to all other components.

Does the telescope tarnish and/or require a lot of upkeep?
All brass parts are coated with a heat-set finish and require only dusting with a clean, soft cloth. NOTE: You can not leave any brass telescope outside and expect it to stay the same, it will not. Inside your home, it will stay bright and shiny for years upon years.

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