D’Elegance Chrome


Our Cape-Cod Telescopes are- high quality, Beautiful, Fun and easy to use.

Why not make the most of the great view that you already own.

delegance_bigOur exquisite CAPE-COD line of telescopes has now become even better!

This standard of quality was set when our first telescopes were produced and each and every year our designers, machinists and optical personnel, have strived for perfection. Now we are introducing the results of all of those years – THE CAPE-COD “D’ELEGANCE”. At no time in history, past or present, has anyone manufactured an optical instrument that would surpass this fine telescope. Ultra quality and contemporary design allows it to stand alone.

Crystal clear optics featuring our roof prism erecting system plus an objective lens that is photographically and color corrected to the highest standard are an integral part of each and every telescope. Exceptionally smooth focusing at your finger tips with no gear driven blacklash what-so-ever offers endless viewing enjoyment.

To produce the “D’ELEGANCE”, we have had to go much further in all aspects of our manufacturing, specifically in the metals and the extra-fine polishing requirements. Each telescope requires no less than 5 hours of hand polishing., and is then completed with a gleaming chrome finish.


  • 30x(power)
  • 60mm achromatic objective lens (fully coated, photographically and color corrected)
  • Roof prism erecting system (the only telescope line manufactured anywhere using this system)

Tripod height: 52″ (telescope can be adjusted upwards); this tripod is manufactured of hand chosen hardwood and prepared to a “jet black finish”.

Telescope tube length: 34″; Total weight: 26 lbs.

“Exotic”–is something that distinguishes itself as striking, fascinating, and strangely beautiful in an enticing way.  So what’s an exotic telescope?  It is the “Cape-Cod D’Elegance”: beautiful gem quality chrome telescope with its elegant black and chrome tripod.  It is exclusive and impressive.  This is the only telescope of its kind in the world.


Personal engraving on all telescopes free of charge.
(3/4″ x 1 1/2″ approximately 3 lines)

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