sentinal_bigYou will be amazed at the performance of this smaller telescope. We have designed this truly fine optical instrument with less floor space in mind. It will fit in nicely in any home or office where space is involved. This telescope is manufactured with the same quality as our larger instruments and retains all of the optical perfection. The Avalon features a 40 mm objective lens combined with a matched optical system providing 20x(power) crystal clear viewing. The all brass telescope comes complete with our furniture quality floor height hardwood tripod with plum-bob.


  • 20x(power)
  • 40mm achromatic objective lens (fully coated and photographically correct)
  • Roof prism erecting system

Tripod height: 52″ telescope can be adjusted up or down.

Telescope tube length: 19″ Total weight: 22 lbs.

Telescope features a positive finger-tip focusing system that allows definitive clarity at great distances.

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$1200.00 $1250.00 $1300.00

Personal engraving on all telescopes free of charge.
(3/4″ x 1 1/2″ approximately 3 lines)